Wow.  Boy was I pissed off just this past weekend.  I had some friends over to hang out.  You know the type of party where everyone gets together for adult beverages and appetizers and maybe some grilled deliciousness?  Most of my friends used the night as an excuse to get out of being a parent for an evening.  I know I did, well, at least that was my intention…

That is until Julie had a bit of an issue with her red wine.

The evening was going very well.  Almost too well.  You know that feeling that you get when something is about to happen?  Well, everyone was getting along and conversation was great.  Guys were hanging out around a pile of brush and leaves that we decided to use for a bonfire.  Not like we needed an excuse to get out of the house and burn something, but there is something so awesome about standing around a fire and shooting the bull on a crisp evening while enjoying some craft beers.

Ladies were in the house reminiscing and listening to a mega mix of the 90s top hit.  I’m told it all went down when Livin’ la Vida Loca was blasting on the stereo.  Julie hopped up onto my microfiber sofa with red wine in hand and proceeded to dance away to the musical stylings of Ricky Martin.  Only problem is that her gyrating caused her to launch the wine in her glass on to the sofa and the off white/cream area rug.

I briefly came in for a B-E-E-R-R-U-N and noticed the ladies sheepishly trying to keep me from the living room.  And.  There.  It.  Was…  Thankfully, beer drinking turns me into a happy comedian.  Man, I absolutely despise angry drunks.  What a downer on a fun time those people are, but I digress.  Anyway, I remembered a recommendation that I got a while back from a buddy of mine for a top notch Longmont carpet cleaning service and thankfully they answered the phone late on a Friday night.  They had me blot the stain, making sure not to actually rub the stain because they said this can actually drive the stain into the carpet.  They had me pour some cold water on the stains and blot again.  Then, they suggested putting some salt on the stain and letting it sit overnight.  I was told that they would be out in the morning to perform their red wine removal service.


The next morning the fine folks at Longmont Carpet Care showed up and used some sort of crazy red wine removal product.  By the time they were done cleaning, I could not even tell that the spill had even happened.  I was totally amazed and thoroughly impressed at both their knowledge, technique, and overall customer service.  Their phone number now resides in my cell phone should the unfortunate occur again.  Here’s hoping that it doesn’t, but hey, you never know, right?